How to Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

 Have you been thinking about how to sell a life insurance policy? Today I am going to walk you through the steps you will need to take in order to sell a life insurance policy. One of the most popular methods for selling is what is referred to as a “life settlement”. A life settlement may be a good option for you if you have been thinking about selling your life insurance and you would like to receive the maximum cash reward for your policy.

Life Insurance Policy

One of the benefits of selling your policy by using a life settlement brokerage firm is the fact that you will be able to take your unwanted policy and have it sold to a third-party person. In most cases, you will receive more for your policy using this method versus surrendering your policy to the insurance company.

How to Choose a Life Settlement Brokerage Firm

If you are unsure of what a life settlement is, it’s what is done when you take your current policy and you sell it to a third-party person that is looking for a policy. The third-party person will take over the premium payments and will take over the benefits of the policy that are payable upon death. The benefit to the seller is that you no longer have to pay the premiums for a policy that you no longer want or need. In order to understand how to choose a life settlement brokerage firm you will want to understand what your needs are.

Choosing a brokerage firm that is limited in what it can do for you may mean the difference between selling your policy and losing your policy. Choosing a life settlement brokerage firm that will be able to offer multiple options is an ideal way to ensure that, even though you may not qualify for one option, other options are made available to you. Check the track record for the brokerage firm. Call one of their specialists to see what your options are, and whether or not your life insurance policy would qualify or benefit from a life settlement, and use this information to assist you in making an informed decision.

How to Sell Your Life Insurance Policy

The next question you may ask yourself is how or when to sell your life insurance policy. These are good questions and there are some basic things to take into consideration when considering the best time to sell your policy. If you are under the age of 65 of your policy does not currently provide coverage for under the age of 65 you may wish to consider holding onto your policy a bit longer.

The best candidates for life settlement solutions are those that provide a service to those aged 65 or older. Another factor to take into consideration when you are thinking about selling is what your financial situation is at the moment. For example, if you are looking to sell because you can no longer afford the premium this may be a good time to look at selling.

If you no longer have a use or need for the life insurance policy but you have not yet had the policy for at least 2 years it may be a good idea to hold onto it as policies under 2 years old are less likely to qualify to be sold through this method. The best way for you to sell if your policy falls into these categories may just be to consider selling through a life settlement brokerage firm. Alternatively, you could surrender your policy for the cash value to your insurance company but you may be leaving money on the table should you choose this option.

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